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As with any type of clothes, there are hot bikini colors that look great on you and those that make you look terrible.  It is not just about going for the slimming effect, but it is also about going for colors that complement your complexion.  When shopping for a bikini, you will find so many colorful pieces.  Unfortunately not all of these items might suit you well.

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What color bikini should I wear?

The first step is to identify what your tone is in order to choose which ranges of colors are best for you. Remember, a drop dead gorgeous body will be lackluster if it’s in a bikini that is totally the wrong shade for you. But if the color bikini you choose is the right one for your skin tone, you will POP and everyone around will stop dead in their tracks to look.

There are two basic skin tones, warm and cool. The way to determine which you are is by looking at the underside of your arm and seeing what color the veins are. If your veins show through blue or bluish, then you have blue or white undertones. This means that you are a “cool”. If the color of your vein is green or greenish, then you have yellow undertones, which means you are a “warm” skin tone. There are six main types of skin tones ranging from light to black. This is the part that gets fun. Once you have determined whether you are a cool or warm shade, you can experiment with varying shades in those color zones.

Think cool colors are in the blues, green families. Reds, browns, golds are warm colors. Purples can be both depending on the shade. It can get tricky, but the best way to figure it out is to try different shades and ask a friend how you look. How you feel in a certain color matters as well. Keep in mind that if you already have a tan when trying on bikinis it may be an entirely different look when you wear it without a tan.

If you are still uncomfortable trying to figure it all out, it can be worth the splurge to pay for a color consultation. These are done in some fine salons. Some can come to your home and go through your wardrobe with you. It’s worth it to feel and look your best.

Complementing your skin tone

Whether you are dark or fair, there are hot hues that will make you look gorgeous at the beach.  You just have to find the best shades for your complexion.  Variants of blue, however, will suit any woman.  Turquoise and pink are great for most complexions and are also fun, summer colors.  If you want to go for other shades, however, you need to be extra careful.

If you are pale, you should not wear a white bikini, that will only make you look paler unless, of course, you are going for that ultra-pale look.  Brown, on the other hand, can complement your creamy complexion.  You can also go with purples, which go well with skin tones that do not have a tan yet.

If you have a golden tan, you can go with pieces in shades of orange.  Some tones of yellow will also look great on your tanned skin.  If your tan is not that deep, a white or black bikini can accent the light brown hue that you do have so that you can look more gorgeous.

If your skin is dark, you can emphasize your deep, rich natural coloration with yellow, white, and even metallic gold beachwear and accessories.

Swimsuit and fitness competitions

If you are building your body for fitness competitions, you should realize that you also need the right hues of swimsuits to highlight your buff body.  You can follow the complexion guide above to make sure you wear one that complements your own tone.  To emphasize the muscles you have built, however, you can use some oil on your body.  Aim for a tan if you are fair.  Then, wear a Lycra bikini in neon colors.  The combination of shiny material and bright colors will emphasize your muscle tone.

Colors for each body type

This may be something you are more familiar with: wearing pieces based on your body type.  If you have problem areas you want to hide, such as a bulge, you can wear a dark-colored swimsuit with more coverage.  Lighter or brighter hues, on the other hand, will emphasize the assets you want to show off at the beach.  You do not have to wear a top and bottom in matching hues.  For example, if you are pear-shaped, you can wear a darker bottom with a brighter top.

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