Black Bikinis

If you want to look hot this summer, choose from an array of skimpy black bikinis available today.  These swimsuits are great for creating a mood or an attitude.  Black actually signifies power.  This is also associated with villains and dark forces, creating a mysterious aura around the wearer.  It can also mean glamour because of the classic look it produces, just like the little black dress.

The perfect swimwear for your figure

If you have parts of your body that you would rather hide, you should wear this kind of bathing suit.  With this shade, you will look a little slimmer.  If you have a slim figure, however, you need to go further and pick a more concealing top. The shade can only do so much for the parts that your bikini fabric can cover.  If you are overwhelmed by the effect of this tone, you can choose it for either your top or your bottom and not for both.  If you are pear-shaped, choose a bottom in this tone.  If, on the other hand, you are big-breasted, you can go for a dark-colored upper garment.

Complexion that work best with dark-colored beachwear

Swimsuits in dark colors look great on lightly tanned complexions.  This color makes the tan stand out more.  Such swimwear can also make fair complexions look fairer.  So if you have a very fair or pale complexion, you should not wear this color.  This bathing suit color may make you look so pale and washed out, you may look quite unhealthy.  You may be going for a tan but you are also calling attention to your complete lack of tan by wearing beachwear in this shade.  Stick with a different-colored swimsuit first.  When you do get that light brown or tan skin tone, you can already wear a black one to the beach.

Establishing an image

Goth hits the beach could be one of your purposes when wearing this type of bathing suit. If you want a gothic or mysterious image, you may not be totally against looking very pale against a bikini in this shade.  You may actually embrace the look that your fair skin has next to this type of beachwear.  What if you prefer looking glamorous as Audrey Hepburn?  Then you should have at least a light tan and wear a classic-looking piece as well.  Remember that it is all in the cut and fabric, so you should choose well.