Blue Bikinis

When someone thinks of swimwear, you almost always think of blue. Blue is the color of the clear sky, it is the color of crisp water, and if you are a Bikini Fashionista, you definitely have at LEAST one blue bikini in your drawer.

The great thing about blue bikinis is that they look great on any skin tone. There are shades of blue that will match everyone! They are also great to mix and match tops and bottoms. Personally you can evoke many feelings by mixing and matching Blue Bikinis.

blue bikinis

A Deep Blue Brazilian bikini bottom paired with and White bikini top (or Gold for that matter) always screams nautical!

Periwinkle Blue and Lilac are a sweet bouquet for the first few weeks of Spring and that initial warm weather.

An all time favorite combination is a printed bikini top with a solid royal blue pucker bottom. You don’t have to exactly match the colors, but blue basically mixes with everything. The deeper the color, the more you can get away with. It’s practically the new black!

If you are looking to spruce up your wardrobe this season, think blue!

Some fun facts about the color blue:

  • Blue is one of the most popular colors and causes the opposite reaction as red. Not only is blue peaceful but it causes the body to produce calming chemicals, that’s why people often paint their bedroom walls blue.
  • Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews as it symbolizes loyalty.
  • People are more productive when in blue rooms.
  • Studies show that weight lifters are able to lift heavier weights in blue gyms.
  • The first prize gets a blue ribbon.
  • Blue was used as protection against witches. Apparently they disliked the color.

So there you have it. Get yourself a blue bikini today so you’ll be relaxed and calm, fashion savvy, productive, super strong, a winner and will of course keep those witches at bay.