Pink Bikinis

Pink bikinis are fun swimwear for any complexion.  If you are a redhead, however, you may have to take the mirror test first before heading for the beach in a this type of swimsuit.  How you will pull it off will depend on your hair’s and your swimsuit’s shades.  Pink is definitely a feminine color.  It actually symbolizes woman power.  So, you do not really need to feel wimpy when wearing apparel of this tone.  Barbie seems to agree with all her pink stuff.  While red stimulates, its lighter cousin creates a calming effect.  Of course, you may see a much different effect if you look sexy in neon items.  Still, this color is strongly associated to tranquility and peace as much as the more masculine blue.

The right shades for the right complexion

There are several shades of this color, take note.  Some of these may suit your complexion better than most.  If you have a brownish or tanned complexion, you may want to use earthy shades.  You will definitely look good in peach and salmon pieces.  It would also help if your hair is also in the warm spectrum: golden blonde, reddish brown, or black. If you have a fair or dark complexion at extreme ends, you may be better off in fuschia, bluish pinks and true pinks.  It would also help if you have medium brown hair or ash blonde hair.

Expressing your personality through your bathing suit

Depending on how you carry yourself, of course, such swimsuits will show you to be very feminine.  At the same time, you are very much an individual because you are not afraid to use a color that some people may associate with a truly cutesy image.  You are not after looking cool but are more after having a lot of fun at the beach.  Such hues reveal a lively personality.  On your part, you should show people that wearing this tone does not mean that you have a weak personality.  This is not about bowing down as the weaker sex either.

Your beachwear and your image

You can wear swimwear in this hue to show your softer side.  You can also wear them to show your sexy, strong side.  With paler pieces, you can be calm, fun, and girly.  This light image may look best in teenage girls and in those with a calming personality.  If you want to show yourself to be a sexy force to be reckoned with at the beach, you may go for hot hues.  Darker shades of pink are just as sexy as reds.