White Bikinis

With pure white bikinis, you will stand out among a crowd of brightly clad summer bodies.  This color provides a sense of cleanliness, purity, and freshness.  However, if you look at it, a bikini in this clean color make for a sexy, simple swimsuit.  The rest of the crowd in their bright swimsuits can mingle and merge but you are in your own groove.  With the right fabric and cut, your can look classic.

Who should wear bathing apparel in this shade

If you want to make a statement, you may want to try these bathing suits.  They are sexy, especially for tanned bodies.  If you are comfortable in your own body, a white two-piece will definitely emphasize your curves as lighter colors are made to help assets pop out.  These can be very revealing especially if you decide to take a swim.  So generally, you should wear this shade if you want to simply walk around or sunbathe at the beach.  You can also wear this hue if you are in a swimsuit or fitness competition.  In such cases, you should show off your curves and this shade will do just that for you.  On the other hand, you can actually swim in bikinis in this color if the fabric is opaque enough.  Stay away from fabrics that can make you lose your modesty once you take a plunge.

Beachwear for special occasions

Such pieces are also good for some special occasions, such as your own beach wedding.  What can be more appropriate than wearing a sexy piece for your wedding?  You may wear a white classy beachwear under your wedding gown.  This is just so there won’t be a bright color peeking underneath your gown.  You may also use your bathing suit when you, your groom, and your guests go for a swim after the ceremony.  Of course, this all depends on your own wedding plans.  If you have decided not to wear white for your beach wedding, you can definitely choose a less traditional hue for your swimsuit as well.

Buying swimwear

When you buy swimwear, you follow the usual rules of buying bathing apparel.  You pick the perfect fit, style, and cut for your figure.  For pieces in this shade, however, you need to follow one more rule: choose an item that is opaque enough to let you swim without looking too revealing.  And for your own convenience, make sure that the shop has a return policy in case the item you purchased does not fit you well.